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Re: [802SEC] +++10 Day Ballot+++opens 6march Closes 16 March


I have provided some minor editorial augmentation to the proposed procedure 
text to try to make sure that the text is as unambiguous as possible. I 
don't believe that anything that I did changed Arnie's intended meaning. 
That certainly was not the intent.

Arnie, in addition to the provided text, you mentioned in our conference 
calls that it was your intention to conduct the "Straw Poll" portion of the 
procedure by secret ballot. In your procedure you say that:
         "This vote (sic, it is not a vote) will be by roll call."
Which could easily be interpreted as being a fully open process.

Therefore, I strongly suggest that you make your procedure more specific, 
that is, you should add text that says one of the following things:
         1) The roll call "survey" (use your own favorite word here, but I 
would discourage the use of the word "vote") will take place by submission 
of secret paper ballots.
         2) The roll call survey will take place via an open roll call 
voice survey by the chair
         3) The methodology and secrecy of the roll call process will be at 
the discretion of the chair.

I hope that all of this, once Arnie makes the appropriate choice above and 
modifies the text accordingly can be done in the context of a friendly 

Best regards,

Geoff Thompson

At 12:30 PM 3/6/2008 , greenspana@BELLSOUTH.NET wrote:
>Dear EC Members,
>The 802 Chair, Paul Nikolich, has delegated the conduct of the following 
>motion via 802 EC email ballot to me, Arnie Greenspan.
>Moved: The Unconflicted 802 EC members approve the attached voting
>procedure to be used for 802.20 WG officer selection during the March 2008 
>Opens: 06 MAR 2008; Closes 16 MAR2008
>Mover: Arnie Greenspan
>Seconder: Buzz Rigsbee
>Unconflicted EC (UC EC) members regarding 802.20 WG matters are eligible 
>to cast a ballot on this issue.
>UC EC Voters:
>CH Paul Nikolich
>ES Buzz Rigsbee
>RS Bob O'Hara
>TR John Hawkins
>01 Tony Jeffree
>15 Bob Heile
>17 John  Lemon
>18 Mike Lynch
>20 Arnie Greenspan
>ME Geoff Thompson       non-voting
>EC members not eligible to vote:
>V1 Mat Sherman
>V2 Pat Thaler
>03 Bob Grow
>11 Stuart Kerry
>16 Roger Marks
>19 Steve Shellhammer
>21 Vivek Gupta
>22 Carl Stevenson
>This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This 
>list is maintained by Listserv.

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

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