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Re: [802SEC] P&P Revision for the Operations Manual



Thanks very much for the inputs.  We reviewed your input's at the Sunday
night P&P review.  Please see responses below...




Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 


From: Shellhammer, Steve [] 
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 6:39 PM
To: Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA); STDS-802-SEC@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG
Subject: RE: [802SEC] P&P Revision for the Operations Manual




            Here are some comments.  I will be arriving late on Sunday
night.  I might make it to a part of the rules meeting.


Comments on Draft LMSC Policies and Procedures


In the Introduction add the "LMSC Operations Manual" at the bottom of
the list of rules according to precedent. 




Also change "... several documents take precedence over this document in
the following order" to "... several documents according to the
following precedence";  


This is unmodifiable text...


In the Introduction change "...are not covered by these P&P" to "...are
not covered by these P&P or the LMSC Operations Manual" 


See updated text in latest revision


This document has three terms for the same thing: Sponsor, Sponsor
committee and EC.  I would change all of them to "Sponsor."  If you want
to include references to EC you can state that within LMSC the Sponsor
is often referred to as the "Executive Committee (EC)."  If you do
include "EC" please define if the first time it is used.  


We will use "Sponsor" whenever possible..


In Section 1.2 it states that the "Sponsor shall consist of officers and
other members.  That is very vague and also unnecessary since membership
of the Sponsor is specified in Section 4.  


This is not modifiable.


I do not understand why in Section 3 the officers of the Sponsor are
defined as the officers of the LMSC.  Why do we have officers of both?  


LMSC is larger than the sponsor.  EC is the sponsor.  LMSC includes WG,


In Section 3.1 change "EC" to "Sponsor" 


Agreed. (Still need to do editing) Will do in 4.1 too.


In Section 4 remove the list of officers and replace with a reference to
Section 3 which specifies the officers. 




In the first paragraph of Section 4.1 change "that member received
voting rights ..." to "that member receives voting rights ..." Agreed.


In Section 4.2 change "voting membership" to "Sponsor voting membership"
to remove any ambiguity. 




Section 5.1.1 refers to the "the scope of the WG."  What is the scope of
a WG?  Please clarify. 


We invite you to propose text in the LMSC OM if you feel it is


Section 5.1.3 states that a WG that has produced a standard should be
hibernated, and a WG that has not produced a standard should be
deactivated.  This of course would make all our WGs hibernating or
deactivated.  This should to be reworded to state under what conditions
a WG is deactivated.  


Probably will move to OpsMan.


Section 5.2 says that a TAG is just like a WG with a following set of
exceptions.  Then many of the items in the list are in fact not
exceptions but in fact the same as in a WG.  For that matter I can't
find the differences since there is not a list of functions of a WG.  


We will reduce any repetitive material to clarify...


In Section 5.3 change " chartered session-to-session" to "
chartered from one plenary session to the next plenary session." 


Agreed (need to implement).


To avoid ambiguity and confusion with WG meetings I would like to change
the title of Section 5.4 to "Sponsor Balloting Group", Section 6 to
"Sponsor Sessions and Meetings" and Section 7 to "Sponsor Voting."  


5.4 yes...  6 needs a rewrite.  7 is non-modifiable text... Can feed
back to AudCom?


Does Section 6.1 on Quorum refer to more than the Sponsor Meetings (i.e.
EC meetings)?  If this refers to WG meetings also, which is unclear to
me, then for large groups only 10% is needed for a quorum.  


Nonmodifiable text...


In Section 9.2 change "...who raise such questions" to "...who raised
such questions."  




I would just like to point out that Section 12 on revising the P&P no
longer states that the vote must be at a closing EC meeting.  So this
would allow an electronic ballot.  I am fine with that but I just wanted
to point out the change.  









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Subject: [802SEC] P&P Revision for the Operations Manual


EC Members,




I sent out a package on the P&P revision for the operations manual

several weeks ago.  I have received no feedback to date.




We are now about a week before the regular Sunday Night Rules meeting.

Please do take time this week to review the documents.  I am available

for comments and questions.  Please be prepared to discuss the change

Sunday night when we get together on the rules.












Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 

Engineering Fellow 

BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 

Office: +1 973.633.6344 

Cell: +1 973.229.9520 







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