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[802SEC] Ivan Reede Bio

Here is Ivan Reede's Bio.  Ivan is the new Vice Chair of the 802.19 TAG.





From: Ivan Reede [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 11:32 AM
To: Shellhammer, Steve
Subject: FYI, here is my background profile


Ivan graduated in from the Ecole Polytehcnique de Montreal, a division
of the Univeristy of Montreal with a B.Sc. An Electrical Engineering
with a specialization options in Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism.


From 1976 to 1991, Ivan worked for firms in Military and Civil
Electronics, namely, Shefford Electroincs, Spar Areospace, Novatel Corp,
Mux Lab. In 1991, he founded AmeriSys Inc where he has worked mainly on
contract for Cabletron Systems, France Telecom, Nortel and Nordex/CDT.
Over the years, AmeriSys Inc has become a specialist and manufacturer of
electronics goods in the field of governmental security electronics. As
of 2007, AmeriSys also Operates a WISP, .


Ivan is currently the president and CEO of AmeriSys Inc.


For approximately 20 years, Ivan has participated in IEEE802 starting
from the conversion from coax to 10BaseT, in 802.5 starting from the
conversion of 802.5 from STP to UTP, as founding member and lead editor
of the 802.14, founding member of 802.15, particiapnt in 802.18, 802.19
and founding member of 802.22.


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