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Re: [802SEC] UC-EC email ballot regarding forwarding 802.20 to RevComm


Comments from a former RevCom member.

I can't understand a couple things in this package.  I have been unable
figure out what the Marvel comments file relates to -- what ballot it
was part of, why it is separate, etc.?  Last year, RevCom required an
additional recirculation of an 802.16 submittal that had comments that
were not properly recirculated to the ballot group.  I can't figure out
if that is the case here, but lets please learn from that experience
this is a similar situation.

I also am less than confident on purpose and effectiveness of the
Comment Supplement file, I have no idea what its reference to the "main
sheet" is.  Is that the initial ballot comment file, the recirc-1
comment file, the recirc-2 comment file, or some WG file?  If this is to
be supplemental (for RevCom) to responses approved by the WG, I failed
to find any significant supplemental information.

I would suggest that getting through RevCom would be significantly
simplified if the required comment responses were not so terse.  When I
sat on RevCom, and saw such comment rebuttals, I would either
withholding my intended vote or indicate the intent to vote to
disapprove the submittal, and if not satisfactorily addressed before the
RevCom meeting would vote to disapprove).   

RevCom members will want to be able to follow any references to other
items (e.g., a not a new comment response goes over much better if it
includes a reference to the ballot and comment number(s) substantiating
why it is not new.  Similarly, references to external documents are a

The ballot tallies I expect will be examined very closely.  I would be
surprised if RevCom members do not find the tally summary incomplete and
insufficient to substantiate the implicit request to treat some
Disapprove comments as Disapprove without comment.  The RevCom package
should contain for each ballot, both the special tally and the myBallot
individual tally.

The basis for treating a Disapprove as a Disapprove w/o comment is SASB
Operations Manual text as follows:

"During a recirculation ballot, balloting group members shall have an
opportunity to change their previously cast ballots. If a change to "do
not approve" is based solely on comments concerning previously approved
portions of the balloted document, the balloter shall be informed that
the comments are not based on the changed portion of the balloted
document. Such comments need not be addressed in the current ballot and
may be considered for a future revision of the standard. If the balloter
does not change the negative ballot, the ballot may be submitted to
RevCom as an unresolved negative without comment."

And for the submittal:

"Any negative vote with comment that RevCom is to consider as a negative
without comment shall be explained to RevCom."

So, the rule can be invoked when a vote other than a Disapprove changes
to a Disapprove.  The recirc-1 ballot tally is not included in the
package so one cannot determine if disapprove votes can be treated as
disapprove w/o comment.  Again as a RevCom reviewer I would expect all
ballot tallies to be included in the submittal.  Also, I find
explanation of the change in votes (scattered among the comment files)
failing to meet the expectations of this requirement to explain to
RevCom why votes should be treated as Disapprove w/o comment.

Much of this is simply suggestion for creating a solid and problem-free
submittal; but I expect lack of attention to the tally of votes would
present significant risk to approval during RevCom consideration. 


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802 EC

Paul Nikolich has delegated the running the following ballot to me.

Motion: UC-EC approves forwarding 802.20 draft 4.1 to RevComm

Mover: James Gilb
Second: Bob Heile

Start of ballot May 7, 2008
End of ballot May 17, 2008 AOE (anywhere on earth)

The resolution document are attached for you reference.

James Gilb
802 Recording Secretary

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