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Re: [802SEC] FW: [802SEC] UC-EC email ballot regarding forwarding 802.20 to RevComm


I strongly agree with you "in principle" BUT....
This is not the way that IEEE has moved in its balloting system (and, thus 
in its P&P).
(And its system has always been VOTE oriented rather than COMMENT oriented. 
I have always claimed that this is a major flaw in their system, that their 
balloting is oriented towards approving documents rather than improving 
them in the process of approval.)

The revision to of the Ops Manual (new this year) reinforces this.
The 802 voting rules link us to the SA rules, even when they do the "wrong" 
There is a recirculation requirement. For guidance on the recirculation 
process see subclause Resolution of comments, objections, and 
negative votes in the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual.
The term "guidance" give us some latitude but makes the interpretation 
vague and therefore up to the case by case discretion of the EC. That is 
probably a bad thing.


At 03:06 AM 5/13/2008 , Pat Thaler wrote:

This conversation shows a significant flaw in the current MyBallot comment 
handling which I have mentioned before.

Our ballots often have a great many "must be satisfied" comments that are 
relatively minor and easily satisfied by comment resolution plus a smaller 
number of comments representing disagreements that are not resolved. Before 
MyBallot managed the comment resolution, we (in IEEE 802.3 at least) used a 
process where people were able to sign off on their disapprove comments 
having been satisfactoraly resolved on a comment by comment basis during 
the comment resolution. That allowed us to go to recirculation with a 
usually short list of unresolved disapprove comments that only included 
those issues that were truly unresolved. This was presented to the 
recirculation voters in a pdf sorted by clause that could be easily scanned 
so one could decide whether to "pile on" to the unresolved comments.

MyBallot doesn't provide any way for a commenter to indicate that some or 
all of the voter's comments have been satisfied before the recirculation. 
As a result our voters are presented with comments representing a few 
significant disagreements buried in a clutter of resolved (but not marked 
as such) "must be satisfied" comments.

This results in a lower quality ballot experience than we had under the 
older system.

MyBallot should provide a way for a commenter to indicate "has been 
satisfied" and thus remove the comment from the list of unresolved 
negatives before recirculation.


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