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[802SEC] 802.20 Motion

Hi All,
A funny thing happened when I returned from my golf game.  I turned on my computer and lo and behold it was full of 802.20 discussions.  Since I was intimately involved during most of the activities being discussed, I thought I would try to share my perspective on this matter for your consideration.  I hope no one minds my input from the side lines.  There are two issues under discussion.
The continued dichotomy within the 802 EC into conflicted and unconflicted voters on matters relating to 802.20.
The voting approach in place within 802.20 at this time.
Taking item a. first, I believe that once the 802.20 draft becomes a standard, the continued existence of a conflicted and unconflicted voting split within the EC is no longer necessary or appropriate.  It was and is my understanding that this was the intention of the Standards Board.  It is clearly the wish and desire of all the members of the EC, as far as I can tell, to have this split done away with.  While I was very grateful for the existence of the unconflicted EC at the time we were trying to get the 802.20 draft born as a standard and placed before the public for their judgment, there is no point or need for an UCEC once this has been done.  The only question left is whether a motion is necessary or a letter from the 802 Chair to the Standards Board announcing that the UCEC will cease to exist upon publication of the 802.20 draft as a standard.  The EC can even vote the elimination and inform the Standards Board of the sense of the EC that the UCEC should cease to exist once the 802.20 draft is published.  You can take the vote twice if you like, as the entire EC and just the UCEC.
The matter of the voting method used by the 802.20 WG is a bit more interesting.  The current voting approach and method was implemented to combat what appeared to be attempts to employ both positive and negative dominance within the 802.20 WG.  Members of the WG wrote letters complaining of room stacking by interested parties on the occasion of important votes.
Upon the directed implementation of the modified individual voting method currently in use by the 802.20 WG,  previously observed problems of room stacking and block votes disappeared.  This current 802.20 voting method method was effective; it worked very well.  Having said that, I must also add that individual voting as is customarily used in other working groups would probably work just as well within the 802.20 WG because attempts at dominance have evaporated, probably due to the voting method that is now in use.
Therefore, if the interest of the EC is consistency in voting approach across all working groups they can direct the 802.20 WG to return to individual balloting.  If the EC is interested in continuing a voting approach that has shown itself to be effective as well as fair and open leave things alone or allow 802.20 to decide with a vote.  In either case, 802.20 under the leadership of their excellent current chair and vice-chair is ready and able to be successful with either voting approach.
Thanks for your attention.
Arnie Greenspan

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