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[802SEC] 802.18 Call for Contributions on ITU-R WP5D IMT-Advanced

Dear EC,

At 802.18's Tuesday afternoon session Bruce Kraemer and Roger Marks
presented their reports of the recent ITU-R WP5D meeting in Dubai. In
that same session next steps for 802's efforts on IMT-Advanced were also
discussed. As part of the latter discussion a plan was presented on how
to proceed to develop an input or inputs from 802. 

Today 802.18 approved that plan and the changes that had been made
yesterday. The plan, which contains a timeline for the work, is attached
here. I encourage you to discuss this with your WGs or TAG. I would also
appreciate your advising 802.18 if your WG or TAG will be a participant.

One item that has not been resolved deals with the end process and
approval by the EC of the results. Our meeting schedule would seem to
require that all work on this be completed by July, 2009, and the
attached plan reflects that. The cut off for submission to the ITU-R is
October, 2009. There are concerns that the July, 2009 date may be
difficult to meet. At some point the EC may have to consider some
alternative way of dealing with the final approval. Maybe that is
something we can discuss in Dallas in November.

Glad to discuss.




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