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[802SEC] Approval of PARs and drafts

Hi James,

Paul asked me to remind you of the requirements for passing LMSC P&P in 
respect to approval of PARs and drafts for forwarding to the IEEE-SA.

Thanks and best regards,
  David Voting at Meetings

Except where otherwise noted in this P&P, approval of an EC motion is 
achieved if a simple majority of EC members approve the motion 
(approve/(approve + disapprove)). The LMSC Chair only votes if his vote 
can change the outcome of a vote. Proxy voting is not permitted.

The following actions have exceptional voting requirements:

Approval of PARs and Drafts for forwarding to IEEE-SA shall require 
approval by a majority of EC members present with voting rights.

In the absence or incapacity of a WG Chair, the EC Chair may recognize a 
WG VC to act as the WG chair at an EC meeting.

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