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[802SEC] Minutes from today's EC call regarding VHT PAR


Please send me any updates or corrections.

James Gilb

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802 EC 802.11 VHT conference call

EC attendees (affiliations in parentheses)
Paul Nikolich (YAS Broadband Ventures, HP, Samsung)
Buzz Rigsbee (Boeing)
James Gilb (SiBEAM)
John Hawkins (Nortel)
Geoff Thompson (Nortel)
Bruce Kraemer (Marvell)
Bob Heile (Zigbee Alliance)
Mike Lynch (Nortel)
Steve Shellhammer (Qualcomm)
Mark Klerer (Qualcomm)
David Law (3Com)
Roger Marks (NextWave Wireless Inc.)

Other attendees:
Clint Chaplin
Eldad Perahia
Reed Fisher
Abbie Matthews
Shu Kato
Bob Huang
Mike Kipness (IEEE)

Nikolich asked for any changes to affiliation.  One response, Nikolich
has added HP and Samsung to his current affiliation with YAS Broadband

Kraemer gave a report on the suggested PAR changes and the result of
straw polls regarding the wording of the coexistence statement.

Heile: 802.15.3c is in WG letter ballot, has passed and is in
convergence stage.

Thompson: has heard that 802.15.3c has coexistence problems among the PHYs

Gilb: no, the 802.15.3c PHYs have coexistence capabilities, there are
comments regarding interoperability.

Nikolich: Which of the statements will 802.11 go with?

Kraemer: The multiple statements were based on feedback from the
members.  Until 802.11 meets, cannot determine which will be approved.

Thompson offered a definition of coexistence.

Kraemer: is waiting for an updated coexistence definition from 802.19

Shellhammer: the only definition we have is from 802.15.2, read
defintion (IEEE Std 802.15.2-2003, subclause 3.1.2) "The ability of
one system to perform a task in a given shared environment where other
systems have an ability to perform their tasks and may or may not be
using the same set of rules."

Marks indicated that the coexistence statement should include the
intended environment.

Nikolich asked if this would have to be in the PAR.

Discussion on the definition of this environment followed.

Nikolich asked if there was any objection to including a description
of the environment.

Kraemer wanted to know what additional information would be required.

Nikolich: the size of the area would be included.

Kraemer: typically this is determined with signal power.

Shellhammer: this level of detail doesn't belong in the PAR, it should
be in the 5C.

Kraemer: can likely get agreement on an environment for coexistence
with 802.15.

Nikolich asked for any more topics.

Bob Huang: Concerned about reciprocity.  Requiring a group that is
almost finished to retrench would not be good.

Thompson: Has 802.15.3c sponsor ballot pool been formed?

Heile: Not yet, but might be done in early November based on the
results of the recirculation.

Nikolich: suggests dates for next teleconference.  Friday, October
24, 2008, 3 pm EST.

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.