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Re: [802SEC] EC telecon meeting to review 802.11 60GHz Very Hight Throughput PAR status-



I believe we scheduled the next EC call on the VHT60 GHz PAR for October

I'm seeking an earlier call (or reflector feedback) to determine earlier
rather than later if there remain any significant EC concerns while
there is adequate time to respond to them.


Would it be possible to hold the next EC call on this topic earlier;
sometime between Sept 22 and Oct 3?

I know I said I'd be in Asia form Oct 5- 18 but I don't recall the
reason we pushed it out so far.



Regarding status on our activities:

In Hawaii, a specific choice of language for the PAR scope was reviewed
in a joint meeting with 802.15.3c


Strawpoll: Are the proposed changes to 5.2 Scope "Provides mechanisms
that enable coexistence with other systems in the band including IEEE
802.15.3c systems" acceptable? 85-0-2 (room body count 138)


And this was subsequently approved in WG11 (44-0-17) as the PAR


Also the coexistence definition and shared environment were discussed
and modifications made to 5Cs section 


A summary of all major PAR & 5Cs section changes since the PAR & 5Cs
were discussed in Denver are shown below:



5.2 Scope of Proposed Standard: This amendment defines standardized
modifications to both the 802.11 physical layers (PHY) and the 802.11
Medium Access Control Layer (MAC) to enable operation in the 60 GHz
frequency band (typically 57-66 GHz) capable of very high throughput.
The MAC and PHY specified in this amendment: 

* Enables a maximum throughput of at least 1 Gbps, as measured at the
MAC data service access point (SAP) 

* Enables fast session transfer between PHYs 

* Maintains the 802.11 user experience 

* Provides mechanisms that enable coexistence with other systems in the
band including IEEE 802.15.3c systems




7.1 Are there other standards or projects with a similar scope? 

Explanation: There are 60 GHz PHY projects in 802.15.3c and ECMA TC48
Sponsor Organization: IEEE 802
Project/Standard Number: IEEE 802.15.3c
Project/Standard Date: 2009-09-30 (projected date) 

Project/Standard Title: Part 15.3: Wireless Medium Access Control (MAC)
and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications for High Rate Wireless Personal
Area Networks (WPANs): Amendment 2: Millimeter-wave based Alternative
Physical Layer Extension

Sponsor Organization: ECMA
Project/Standard Number: TC48 60 GHz
Project/Standard Date: 2008-12-31 (projected date)
Project/Standard Title: PHY and MAC layers for 60 GHz wireless network Coexistence of 802 wireless standards specifying devices for
unlicensed operation 


A working group proposing a wireless project is required to demonstrate
coexistence through the preparation of a Coexistence Assurance (CA)
document unless it is not applicable.  The Working Group will create a
CA document as part of the WG balloting process.  If the Working Group
elects not to create a CA document, it will explain to the EC the reason
the CA document is not applicable. 


The working group will create a CA document as part of the WG balloting
process.  The definition for coexistence is as defined in 802.15.2, with
the shared environment being the 60 GHz band in home and enterprise.



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