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[802SEC] +++30 day EC Email Ballot+++ to disband the IEEE 802.5 Working Group+++closes 27OCT2008

Dear EC members,

This is an EC electronic ballot to determine whether the 802.5 hibernating Working Group should be disbanded.  Vote approve if you wish to see 802.5 disbanded, disapprove if you wish to see it continue in the hibernating state.



BACKGROUND/Supporting Material

All the 802.5 standards were officially withdrawn this week by the Standards Board.

Withdrawn 802.5 Standards:
·        802.5-1997 (R2003) Token Ring Access Method and Physical Layer 
·        802.5j-1997 (R2003) Token Ring Fibre Optic Media
·        802.5r-1997 (R2003) Token Ring Dedicated Token Ring Operation
·        802.5t-2000 (R2003) Token Ring 100 Mbit/s Dedicated Token Ring 
·        802.5v-2001 (R2003) Token Ring Gigabit Token Ring Operation
·        802.5w-2000 (R2003) IEEE Corrigenda to Token Ring
·        802.5p-1993 (R2003) Part 2: Logical Link Control-Annex X: End 
system Route Determination

Per the 802 P&P, the Hibernating 802.5 Working Group is eligible for disbanding. Disbanding a WG 

After all standards, recommended practices, and Technical Reports for which a hibernating WG is responsible are withdrawn or transferred to another group or groups, an EC electronic ballot of 30 days minimum duration will be conducted to determine whether the hibernating WG will be disbanded. 

If the EC electronic ballot on disbanding the group passes, the WG is disbanded. If the ballot fails, then the EC Chair shall determine a future date when the disbanding of the group will be reballoted. 

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