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[802SEC] Non NA venue selection for March 2011

Dear EC,

Please find attached several files documenting the findings of site
inspections carried out by Buzz, Paul and Dawn of the Singapore and
Geneva venue proposals. I would draw your attention to the excel file
which is an estimate of the costs for running an IEEE 802 plenary in
both locations and comparing them to a "standard" NA venue estimate. It
is a pretty numbers-intensive spreadsheet so you may want to look at the
ppt file, as it summarizes the findings. We encourage you to discuss
these with your working groups this week, and be prepared to act on this
item at the closing EC meeting.  The remaining docs are included as
backup and we request these not be forwarded around beyond this list as
they include pricing quotes from various properties.

As you will note, the Singapore proposal benefits greatly from the
incentives provided by the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Tourist
Board, and the ready availability of meeting rooms and ample hotel
rooms. The organizers have provided more information about their
property which is being made available to the EC via your paper folders
in the IEEE office. Please stop by and pick one up (and you get to keep
the USB drive!). 

Geneva is still workable, but we feel it will require more planning to
line up the logistics (especially hotel discounts that need to be
negotiated with smaller, individual properties). This will also allow us
to negotiate deals that are off-season, and are not affected by the
proximity of another show filling up rooms in Geneva during March 2011.

For these reasons, we are recommending we move forward with Singapore
for the March 2011 slot, and continue to work on reducing the cost of
Geneva in view of a July 2013 plenary slot. But we need to move forward
with March 2011, so please become opinionated, and be prepared to vote
on Friday.

We (Buzz or I) are available to discuss this with you or your working
groups should you find that useful.

john hawkins | nortel | 13560 morris rd alpharetta, ga 30004 |
+1.770.708.4375 | esn 268
carrier ethernet marketing

<<GenevaHotel-Information-03.doc>>  <<802-0311-MBS-Proposal-R6.pdf>> 

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