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Re: [802SEC] MSA approval for VeriLAN 3-year contract beginning 12/1/08

Hi Bob,  We suggested 1 year as a trial case for this alternative to
loaned projectors just the validate that the costs are low and the value
is high.  We fully intend to renew the program once we have demonstrated
the value.  But if you want to propose to amend the motion to be for 3
years right off the bat I would not be opposed to that.  You just need
to convince the rest of the EC of the value.  

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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From: Bob Heile [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 9:29 AM
To: John Hawkins; Rigsbee, Everett O
Subject: Re: MSA approval for VeriLAN 3-year contract beginning 12/1/08

I thought interims were not to feel any impact from this for 3 years.
Now I am being told that I will have to contract with VeriLan after the
first year and rent projectors if I want an alternative?  I have used
alternatives to their management because I can get local support at one
third the cost.   That is a significant hit.  What happened?  This is
exactly what I was afraid of with the asset transfer and could likely
move me to oppose moving forward.

At 11:56 AM 11/13/2008 -0500, you wrote:

	Our deliberations with VeriLAN have resulted in a completed
master service agreement for which we would like your approval on
Friday. I've attached it here: PLEASE DO NOT CIRCULATE BEYOND THIS LIST.
This document formally captures the Ts & Cs described to you in Denver,
and counts with the blessing of IEEE staff (although procurement will
require a final review once you've approved it).
	MOTION: The EC approves the contract with VeriLAN Event Services
as captured in 802-Network-MSA-2009-2011-02.doc for the 3-year period
beginning December 1, 2008.
	Mover: John Hawkins     Second: Buzz Rigsbee 
	We will also be proposing a motion to cover the costs of
projector rentals for 802 WG/TAG interims for the upcoming year. I
expect the outlay will be under $10k for the coming year, and can easily
be accommodated in the 802 budget. WG/TAGs will be responsible for
shipping costs and (should the elect to) contracting with VeriLAN to
manage the projectors. Given today's rental costs for hotel projectors,
we feel this is still a great deal.
	MOTION: The EC approves reimbursement of fees incurred for the
rental of projectors by 802 WG/TAGs at interim meetings during the 2009
calendar year arranged via VeriLAN Event Services. Shipping and
management fees remain the responsibility of the individual WG/TAG. 
	Mover: John Hawkins     Second: Buzz Rigsbee 
	As always, we are willing to answer questions as they come up,
so please don't hesitate to bring those up. If you have friendly
amendments, consider sending those along via reply so as to speed up the
proceedings on Friday.
	James: please consider this a request for time on the agenda (5
mins each?) for these motions. 
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