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Re: [802SEC] Electronic Participation in Interim Meetings


I have very mixed feelings about this. You make no mention of, nor do we have any policy to regulate whether such participation will be available without payment of the full registration fee. In lieu of any special policy at the 802 level (nor do I know of any equivalent policy in any 802 approved WG procedures) it would be my opinion that normal registration rules apply and anybody who does not pay and attends a meeting would (under 802 rules) be considered a deadbeat.

On the PRO side
- For a "new activity, this is a lower threshold way to pull participants into what we are doing - Clearly, most folks are more cost sensitive this year. This (at least) eliminates the cost of air travel and mtg venue hotels for the participants.

On the CON side
- We do not have any established way to do voting in this sort of mixed session. - For a "new activity, this is a lower threshold way to pull participants into what we are doing thus increasing the risk of dominance issues. - The quality level of personal interaction is clearly lower. Studies have shown that electronic meetings among people who do not know each other already are significantly less effective than those of established groups whose members are used to working with each other. - The quality of default conferencing tools is still pretty poor in my opinion. I would be interested in 802 moving up the ladder on this by putting tools in place to just show the meeting room screen on attendee laptops IN THE meeting rooms. Some of meeting rooms are so large that you can't read the screen even if you do come to the meeting.

You assert that there is "no rule against this". I would make the counter assertion that this is not true. Meeting attendance credit by rule is only granted to those who (a) pay the meeting registration fee and (b) are in the room to sign the real or virtual attendance book.

I think this will degrade the quality of our meetings. My fear is that it will slip through on your metrics but still have a net negative effect on meeting and output quality.

I would be much more interested in seeing some work on true "multi-site" interims where an interim was held in several sites (e.g. Europe, Boston, Silicon Valley, Far East) that were hooked together with high-quality tele-presence. That would be a much more even-handed situation and offers, I believe greater promise.

Best regards,


At 09:54 AM 1/10/2009 , Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA) wrote:
EC Members,

I have received requests from TV Whitespace ECSG members to allow electronic participation (teleconference / Webex) for the ECSG meetings at the upcoming Wireless Interim in LA. I have discussed this with the IEEE 802.11 Chair (Bruce) who has no objection, and made sure that appropriate facilities are available. I checked with the IEEE 802 chair (Paul) who said he would permit electronic participation for the ECSG at the interim if it was conducted as an 'Experiment' (with hypothesis and metrics) to see if it adds clear value to the standards process. Accordingly we have formulated a hypothesis and metrics and plan to conduct three two hour meetings at the wireless interim that include electronic participation, and will conduct straw polls at the end of the session to see if the metrics support our hypothesis. We will make the results of this experiment available to the EC at the March session, along with other planned outputs from the ECSG.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Matthew Sherman
Chair, IEEE802 Whitespace ECSG
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS)
Office: +1 973.633.6344
Cell: +1 973.229.9520

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