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Re: [802SEC] Status on Whitespace Electronic Participation Experiment (Update 2)


At 01:41 PM 1/28/2009 , Bob O'Hara wrote:
> Pat,
> I granted that the current tools make it somewhat
> difficult to run a meeting as efficiently with remote
> participants as can be done without them.  However,
> how much more difficult is it for those remote
> participants to participate, if the meeting is not
> open to them, at all?
> Is it the chair's responsibility to make it easy on
> themselves and those in the same room to run a
> meeting, or is it the chair's responsibility to
> allow all that want to participate to do so?

A perfectly reasonable question, but the answer is not all that obvious to me.

If the chair's responsibility is to produce quality standards and to operate under the existing P&P (and I believe it is) then opening the process to "all that want to participate" as opposed to "all that are willing to show up to participate" does not seem to be his obligation.

Whether we have a higher obligation to modify the rules to "allow all that want to participate to do so" is a judgement call. It is certainly within the bounds of IEEE-SA rules to do so. Other Sponsors conduct a great deal of their business that way. So what we are left with is that our rules don't allow it. We could change the rules. It is a judgement call as to whether to do so would be a net improvement.
> -Bob

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