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[802SEC] 802.3ad PAR for Priority-based Flow Control MAC Control Frame

This proposed PAR is to add a MAC Control Frame to IEEE 802.3 to support 802.1Qbb Priority-based Flow Control. Note that the 802.1 Working Group will be responsible for this PAR. As usual when doing a cross group PAR, 802.3 voters who request it will be added to the Working Group voting pool on this project.

The PAR is at:

Since this PAR is to support the 802.1Qbb PAR, the same 5 criteria applies to it:

I've updated the PAR number on My Project to 802.3ad, but my hard drive crashed Monday and apparently Acrobat wasn't loaded onto my new drive correctly so I wasn't able to create a pdf with the update. That is the only change from the pdf above.


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