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[802SEC] Clause 19 Report regarding P802.16Rev2 to RevCom

To: 802 EC reflector
cc: 802.16 reflector

Dear EC Colleagues:

I am writing to report on the status of P802.16Rev2, per the Clause 19 Conditional Approval granted on 14 November.

The conditions have been met.

Sponsor Ballot Recirculation #3, including the review of P802.16Rev2/ D9, ran from 30 January - 14 February. All Disapprove voters at the start of the recirc converted to Approve during the recirc.

During the recirc, one new Disapprove vote was received, with one associated comment submittal. However, I have ruled the comment invalid. Per Clause 19, I am reporting the details.

Page: [none]
Line: [none]
Subclause: [none]
Comment: This standard needs major revisions as it does not represent the needs of the marketplace. Proposed Change: needs modifications to support much lower average data rates, improvement over 802.11 systems, and better economics
Resolution Status: Out of Scope
Resolution Detail: The 802.16 Working Group Chair and the 802.16 Maintenance Task Group Chair, acting with the authorization of the 802.16 Working Group, have ruled this comment Out of Scope of the recirculation since it does not meet the requirements of Subclause of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual, which states that comments associated with a 'do not approve' vote "shall be based only on the changed portions of the balloted document, portions of the balloted document affected by the changes, or portions of the balloted document that are the subject of unresolved comments associated with negative votes." Furthermore, the comment fails to fulfill the requirement stated in Subclause of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual that a Disapprove vote "must be accompanied by one or more specific objections with proposed resolution in sufficient detail in a legible form so that the specific wording of the changes that will cause the negative voter to change his or her vote to 'approve' can readily be determined."

No other comments, valid or invalid, are associated with Disapprove votes. The final approval ratio, as reported by MyBallot, was 165 Approve, 1 Disapprove.

Since the conditions have been met, I am proceeding with submittal for the RevCom meeting of 18 March.



Roger B. Marks
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access < >

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