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[802SEC] Unable to attend the plenary

Dear EC colleagues,
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the plenary in Vancouver.
Not long ago, I was exposed to rabies when a rabid raccoon wandered into my
yard and engaged 3 of my dogs.  I wasn't bitten, but in the course of making
the dogs disengage with the raccoon (so I could shoot it), I was sprayed in
the eyes and face (open mouth, as I was yelling "Leave It!" at the dogs)
with a mixture of blood and other bodily fluids.  After being dispatched,
the raccoon was double-bagged, placed on ice, and delivered to the PA State
Game Commission, who sent it to the lab in Harrisburg where it tested
positive for rabies.
Since rabies is nothing to mess around with, both my personal doctor and the
epidemiologist from the state Department of Health, very strongly advised
that I have the prophylactic series of imune globulin and rabies vaccine.
My treatments don't finish until next week, the schedule is important and
must be adhered to, so I won't be able to make it to Vancouver.  (Though I
expect to be fine in the long run.)
Gerald Chouinard, my Vice-chair, will be running the 802.22 meetings in
Vancouver, and I ask that my EC colleagues afford him every courtesy in my
As you know, we have a PAR up for approval to go to NesCom and I ask that
you afford Gerald the opportunity to address the EC on that matter on behalf
of the WG in my absence.
Carl R. Stevenson
President and CTO
WK3C Wireless LLC
Where wireless is a passion as well as a profession (SM)
Wireless Standards, Regulatory & Design Consulting Services
4991 Shimerville Rd.
Emmaus, PA 18049-4955
Cellular:  +1 (610) 841-6180
Fax:       +1 (484)-214-0204 <> 

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