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[802SEC] Registration for ITU-R WP5A meeting, 18 - 27 May 2009

Dear All

ITU-R WP5A will be meeting in Geneva beginning 18 May. IEEE has 4 inputs to that meeting covering the following topics:

1) WP5A Doc. 211, Revision of Recommendation ITU-R M.1450 to add 802.11n. M.1450 describes the technologies that are to be used in the 5150 - 5350 and 5470 - 5725 MHz frequency bands. This proposed revision is being initiated by IEEE. Note that this is likely to be contentious since 802.11n is not a final standard.

2) WP5A Doc. 212, Response to WP5A liaison statement regarding BWA characteristics for use in compatibility studies with fixed-satellite systems in the 3400 - 4200 MHz frequency band.

3) WP5A Doc. 213, Response to WP5A liaison statement regarding Draft Revision of Recommendation ITU-R M.1801.

4) WP5A Doc. 214, Response to WP5A liaison statement providing a contribution to the proposed draft new report dealing with PS technologies in the UHF frequency band.

In accordance with ITU procedures registration for ITU-R meetings is done through myself as the IEEE SA Designated Focal Point. Please ask the members of your WG or TAG who are planning to attend the May WP5A meeting to provide me with their details by 1 May.



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