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[802SEC] 802.11n Draft 10 is available in the Member's area

Dear 802 EC members,

Revised drafts of P802.11n are now available.
These can download from the 802.11n member's area.
Anybody attending the Montréal meeting can download from the local file server.

The new files on the server are:

Draft P802.11n_D9.01.pdf - Draft 9.01 contains all comment resolutions approved on Sponsor Ballot 2.  It also
contains change tracking information (tags) and expanded cross-references.

Draft P802.11n_D9.01 Redline Compared to P802.11n_D9.0.pdf

Draft P802.11n_D10.0.pdf - Draft 10.0 is the same as draft 9.01,  except that the change tracking
information has been removed,  and cross-references are adjusted to comply with the IEEE-SA style guide.
This is the version that will be balloted next - pending approval of 802.11n.

Draft P802.11n_D10.0 Redline.pdf

Best Regards,

Adrian P Stephens

Tel: +44 1954 204 609 (office)
Tel: +44 792 008 4900 (mobile)
Skype: adrian_stephens

Intel Corporation (UK) Limited
Registered No. 1134945 (England)
Registered Office: Pipers Way, Swindon SN3 1RJ
VAT No: 860 2173 47

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