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Re: [802SEC] WG P&P

Hi Matthew,
The sections you note are areas that 802 have very peculiar habits and history. As I do not believe that the WG chairs are asking for you to create new (different) rules for these areas, I believe that it would be wise to gather the current policies of all the groups, and I believe that at the heart of them, you will find a common set. For example, some of the groups have given names to intermediate membership status, but all the groups follow the rule requiring attendance at 2 of 4 plenary meetings for voting rights. Some groups have more or less interims, and some hold sub-group interims while others hold full WG interims. I do not believe that any of the customs of the WG are in disagreement with how the logistics is practiced.

So while sending out the baseline that was provided to AudCom for yet another reminder of the starting point, allowed the EC members to remember where you started from (last march). It would be well for everyone to look at the progress you have made to help ensure that the common practices that are at the core behaviors of the 802 groups as a whole are included.

During the Telecons, we talked about the common core values that the 802 groups share, and the fact that there are some nuances (personalities) that each of the groups have that shape their individual WG behavior. The 802 WG P&P should capture the core behavior/values and the individual Operations Manual would be created by the respective WGs to capture that individuality.

As to your questions:
Membership and Meetings:
Each of the WG attend the 802 Plenaries 3 times a year, and each WG is allowed to hold interims with sufficient notice. The AudCom baseline description was not based on this historic practice that 802 has experienced. The custom and historic practice should be a very good start to include in the WG baseline. The 802 P&P say that WG can substitute one interim for a Plenary. That also seems very consistent across WG. While the AudCom baseline says that 50% attendance is sufficient, the 802 EC has upheld that this is not sufficient, and that 75% is required for attendance credit. I do not believe you are suggesting a change, but without your current draft, we cannot help but point out some of these anomalies.

Specifically, the 802 P&P describes the voting that is to be done at 75%. so in the WG Baseline where it has 50% or 2/3, it should be changed to 75%. that is an easy edit. It also describes when a simple majority should be sufficient. This too should be an easy edit.

So Matthew, I hold to the point that while the Draft 802.11 WG P&P that I submitted to the EC and you as input and feedback maybe a bit more ".11" centric, it does address the Core Values portion, and is a very good place to look for at least one way to modify the AudCom baseline.

I look forward to your version and hope that we can get it prepared for review and hopeful adoption in July or shortly thereafter.


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I've been actively editing a draft WG P&P. I'm starting to get into more difficult stuff, so I thought I would solicit a few opinions....

The baseline WG P&P provided by AudCom (attached) often allows us to modify the rules. Key areas where modifications are possible are:

           Membership (7.2)

           Meetings (10 and part of 7.2)

           Voting (9)

The rules presented there are generally simpler than our own. I could force fit our existing rules into the WG P&P format (I will force the approval rate to ¾ on some votes) but I'm inclined to let much of the default text stand instead of our current rules.

What do people think?


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