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Re: [802SEC] Emergency services PAR - typo

3nd para, 2nd sentence should of course read "I believe that the answer to 802.21's
charter issues...".


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Subject: [802SEC] Emergency services PAR

Vivek -

I have significant problems with this draft PAR, some of which cannot be fixed simply by
changing the wording of the draft.

Firstly, the PAR reads like a charter for the working group to boil the ocean. The problem
that the PAR offers to solve is large, multi-faceted, complex, and will inevitably involve
expertise across the breadth of 802 technologies, as well as expertise in the political
and regulatory issues surrounding this area, and the ways in which they interact with the
technical solutions. A PAR is a charter to write a single standard; given the scope of the
problem, I don't believe that the solution is going to consist of a single document;
neither do I believe that the set of documents that would eventually be needed will be
possible to write within a single working group. So, in short, the scope of the project is
way too broad, and is consequently unlikely to be achievable in any realistic timeframe. A
starting point that might have some chance of success would be to develop an architecture
for emergency services support across 802; a competently written architecture can (and
should) inform the set of documents that are needed in order to address the technology
issues, and how they relate to each other. However, that is not what this draft PAR

Secondly, the subject matter of the PAR has no relationship to the current charter of the
802.21 WG. Simply changing the 802.21 charter to make it "fit" is not, in my view, the
correct solution here; past experience during the development of the existing 802.21
standard gives me no confidence either in 802.21's will to develop truly cross-802
standards or its ability to do so. I believe that the answer to 802.1's charter issues is
simple; if you are done doing work on the subject matter of your original standard, then
it is time you did the right thing and closed down the WG, rather than starting unrelated
work. If there are further topic areas that your members desire to work on, and that are
not a good fit with your current charter, then the right thing to do is to create one or
more EC study groups to look at those topics and determine, on an 802-wide basis, how they
should be tackled. That way, we stand a better chance of getting participation in the
process by interested parties across 802, and less chance of the activity becoming either
wireline or wireless centric. Once each EC study group has done its job, the EC will get
to determine where any work that is proposed should best be done, and whether there is a
need to create a new WG to tackle it.

So, I will oppose the approval of this PAR on Friday. I will also oppose any change to
802.21's charter beyond the subject matter of its existing standard and approved projects.
I would, however, support the establishment of an EC study group to study what (if
anything) 802 should do about emergency services, should anyone choose to propose forming


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