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[802SEC] Documents for LMSC OM Revision ballot



Can you please post the attached documents somewhere under:






Attached are the draft documents for the LMSC OM ballot that will create
the LMSC WG P&P.  I've done my best to incorporate guidance from the P&P
Review session we had Sunday.  I will make a motion tomorrow to start
the balloting process based on these documents.  We will then have 4
months during which I've scheduled many meetings (the first of which in
Saturday) to discuss how to improve these drafts.


Note that I will be including a ballot comment form.  I will not keep
the comments from any prior activities as the current drafts should
reflect those.  I will start a new comment data base against the current


Thanks in advance for your patience with this process.






Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
First Vice Chair, IEEE 802

Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Electronics, Intelligence, & Support (EI&S)

Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 


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Attachment: 090716 OM_Revision_Response_Form - Creation_of_LMSC_WG_P&P_Ballot.xls
Description: 090716 OM_Revision_Response_Form - Creation_of_LMSC_WG_P&P_Ballot.xls

Attachment: 090716 Cover_letter_for_LMSC_OM_Revision_Ballot.pdf
Description: 090716 Cover_letter_for_LMSC_OM_Revision_Ballot.pdf

Attachment: 090716 New_LMSC_WG_PandP_for_ballot.pdf
Description: 090716 New_LMSC_WG_PandP_for_ballot.pdf

Attachment: 090716 Revised_LMSC_OM_for_ballot.pdf
Description: 090716 Revised_LMSC_OM_for_ballot.pdf