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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10 Day EC Email Ballot +++ 802.15.4c China Awards Ceremony press release


I need to vote Disapprove on this one, with the hope that you can address my concerns.

My main concerns:

(1) Regarding awards and recognitions, IEEE is generally very careful to specify the source of the award. For example, awards presented by "IEEE" are rare and exclusive. Other awards may be presented by other authorized IEEE entities.

In this case, the source and name of the award is not clear. If the award is one of those administered by the IEEE Standards Association Awards and Recognition Committee, then it needs to be labeled as an IEEE-SA recognition, not an IEEE recognition.

Also, the title of the award should be mentioned. For example, "IEEE- SA Working Group Chair Award".

The release mentions in two places that individuals were awarded a "Plaque of Distinction" or a "Certificate of Appreciation." I wonder if these were the "IEEE-SA Working Group Chair Award" and the "IEEE-SA Certificate of Appreciation"?

(2) There is a reference to "other international members." Since I don't know the meaning of "international member", I propose to delete "international".

(3) "recently completed IEEE 802.15.4c standard" should be replaced by the more specific "recently published IEEE 802.15.4c standard"

(4) I think it would be better to expand the acronym "PAN" in the body of the release.

(5) The use of the comma in the names of the individuals is incorrect.

(6) There are several editorial and spelling errors. For example, the period is missing after several instances of "Dr".

I think these changes would strengthen the announcement.


On 2009/09/05, at 09:15 AM, Bob Heile wrote:

Dear EC members,

Attached is a draft press release covering a very successful Awards Ceremony and Reception last week in Beijing. We are trying to promote cooperation in Standards development. Your speedy attention to this would be appreciated so the news is not too old.

Paul has delegated the conduct of the IEEE 802 EC 10-day ballot on the following motion to me.

Motion: "The EC okays the press release covering the 15.4c China Awards Ceremony"

Moved:    Bob Heile
Seconded: Steve Shellhammer

Start of ballot: Saturday, 5 September 2009
Close of ballot: Tuesday, 15 September 2009, 11:59PM EDT

Early close: As required in subclause 'Electronic Balloting' of the IEEE project 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Operations Manual,
this is notice that, to ensure these releases are provided in a timely
manner, this ballot may close early once sufficient responses are received
to clearly decide a matter.

Best regards,


Bob Heile, Ph.D
Chairman, ZigBee Alliance
Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks
11 Robert Toner Blvd
Suite 5-301
North Attleboro, MA  02763   USA
Mobile: +1-781-929-4832

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