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[802SEC] [802.19] Comments on Draft PAR, Comments on the NOI

I am sorry that I am unable to post this,  but I have permission from the
author, Dave Maples to send it to the reflectors. I think that many of the
he has responded with are of great importance, and indeed there are comments
on  NOI, Ws and other issues that
have commonality with the above, as well as the medical release.

So I submit this for review, in hopes it will spur more discussion, and
ultimately be of help in defining some difficult issues. 





From: Shellhammer, Steve [mailto:sshellha@QUALCOMM.COM] 
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:56 PM
Subject: [802.19] Comments on Draft PAR




                On last week's conference call Mark Cummings suggested that
if anyone has comments on the PAR to prepare a contribution.


                So I looked over the PAR and put together a few comments and
questions.  I have posted that document on Mentor,


                We can discuss these and any other comments or questions on
the Tuesday conference call.




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