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[802SEC] +++5 Day EC Review+++Updated inputs to ITU-R WP5A

Dear EC.

At the September wireless interim 802.18 made editorial revisions to two previously approved submissions to ITU-R WP5A. The edits update the previous submissions to reflect that 802.11n has been approved and remove item that was missed in multiple previous reviews.


Document 18-09-0107 - In 2009 IEEE 802 proposed a revision to ITU-R Recommendation M.1450. That recommendation lists the characteristics of technologies that are permitted for use in the mobile portions of the 5 GHz frequency band. The base document, 18-09-0020, was approved at the IEEE 802 March plenary and presented at the May, 2009 of WP5A. M.1450 is regulatory and it was recognized that Administrations would need time to review the proposed revision so it was proposed to conduct the approval of the revision on a three meeting basis (May and November, 2009 and May of 2010). Since 802.11n was still a draft that was seen as allowing time for the approval within IEEE. Since IEEE has completed the approval it now seems possible to reduce the approval process to two meetings. WP5A meets starting 23 November. 18-09-0107 updates the base document to reflect that 802.11n has been approved. 802.18 approved this document 9/0/0.

Document 18-09-0106 - The revision to IEEE 802.11n to ITU-R Recommendation M.1801 began during the September, 2008 wireless interim. M.1801 provides data for ITU-R sharing studies and has been updated several times by IEEE 802 in the past. The document from the interim meeting, 18-08-0070, was submitted for an EC five day review on 10 October 2008. Comments from the 802.16 chair were resolved and the document was submitted to ITU-R WP5A. As in the case of the revision of M.1457 the status of 802.11n when 18-080070 was submitted to ITU-R was "draft". Document 18-09-0106 updates the base document to reflect that 802.11n has been approved. This should allow WP5A to complete the revision of M.1801 at their November meeting. 802.18 approved this document 10/0/0.

All of the documents are available at:

I propose that the EC comment period beings now and closes on 8 November.



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