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[802SEC] FW: [802SEC] Treasurer's report from Monday EC

Colleagues,    OK, here's the report from John Hawkins.        :-)    

Thanx, Buzz

Please note my contact info: 
Dr. Everett O (Buzz) Rigsbee
Executive Secretary, IEEE-802 LMSC
7750 80th Place SE
Mercer Island, WA  98040-5912
ph/fx: 206-236-2229
cell: 206-818-4978

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From: Paul Nikolich [] 
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 4:58 AM
To: Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee;
Subject: Fw: [802SEC] Treasurer's report

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From: "John Hawkins" <>
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 9:38 PM
Subject: [802SEC] Treasurer's report

> Folks,
> Recall that I will not be able to be with you at the opening EC due to
> some unavoidable work conflicts. I trust you will have good and
> productive meetings in my "home" town and I hope you enjoy your stay.
> So here goes my "virtual" Treasurer's report for your consideration:
> 1. I've enclosed the customary Treasurer's opening report which
> includes the status/outcome of our July plenary in San Francisco. As
> you will note, we ran a deficit of $28,437 which was not quite as bad
> as we expected, since attendance was fairly good. We were able to hold
> most expenses in line, but bottom line, San Francisco is an expensive
> place to hold meetings any more. Note this is only a draft and a few
> more items still will accrue to this meeting budget, but it should be
> pretty close.
> 2. Our operating reserve is $1,250,515 once all commitments are
> factored in. This is down a bit (makes sense, since we ran a deficit
> last time) but within reason. Recall that we will need a buffer going
> into the non-North American session in the coming years. So we need to
> keep an eye on this.
> 3. Note that I have *not* included the Atlanta estimate/budget report
> as I still need to work with the meeting staff for the latest
> estimates. I will provide this by the closing EC on Friday. I am
> optimistic that we will be north of break-even for this session, but
> as you know, it all depends on attendance levels.
> 4. I've also enclosed Karen's usual Get802 report. My only thing to
> add is that IEEE staff is still evaluating the P&L for the program,
> and until we have better information, we will continue with our
> current agreement to provide $75/attendee to the Get802 program.
> 5. Hopefully you received Buzz's email about the proposal to change
> our meeting fee structure starting in March. Please spend some time
> discussing with the EC and your WGs so we can make a decision on
> Friday. I can also get back to you by email during the week if that's
> any help (
> 6. We are interested in securing sponsors for our network bandwidth
> provider in future sessions. This could be a corporate sponsorship (in
> the form of $$) or an "in-kind" sponsorship (ie. an operator willing
> to provide us the service during a given week). In return the sponsor
> would be recognized with signage in the various break/registration
> areas, on the web, and can provide a small logo-ed give-away if
> desired (pens, etc). If you or someone you know is interested, please
> see Rick Alfvin about the technical requirements, or me/Buzz about the
> sponsorship details.
> Again, have a great meeting and I'll see you later in the week,
> John Hawkins
> Treasurer, IEEE 802
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