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[802SEC] Comments on 802.1 PARs


Here are my comments on the three 802.1 PARs.

Some words are cut off in the PDF
5.4 - "managemen" should be "management"
5.5 - "an" is cut off on first line of third paragraph.

 - 1.a. "advance" should be "advanced"?
 - 1.a. What is reflective relay?  It would help if this was defined
 - 4.a. Linux is a trademark, use Linux^TM perhaps?

5.2 - Is full-duplex required for this protocol to work?  It seems
strange that 802.1Q level standards care if a medium is full duplex or
half duplex.  Note that many of the wireless standards are not full
duplex.  I think this would be much more useful if it did not require
full duplex.

4.c. "yield increase in reliably" should be "yield an increase in

5.a. "Port Extenders are expected to cost less than existing bridges.
This is both intuitive and supported by experience in existing
deployments of this technology. In addition, the resultant reduction
in management complexity brings significant cost advantages." Well, it
isn't intuitive to me.  Please explain why port extenders lead to a
cheaper system.  In particular, if it reduces the cost of one device,
does it increase cost in another?  Is the cost reduction significant?

2.1 Missing space in "NetworksAmendment"


James Gilb
802 EC Recording Secretary

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