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[802SEC] General comments on TVWS PARs

Dear EC members

It appears that we have multiple PARs that potentially deal with the
same problem but leading to different solutions to the same problem.

There can be reasons to do this, but I think we would benefit by working
together in some of these areas.

For example, the systems in these bands will need to access a database
of incumbents.  The access to this database should be the same in any
standard we develop.


We have proposal for a project to define coexistence between these
systems, but neither PAR references this.

I would hope that we can find some language that strongly encourages the
TVWS MAC/PHY groups to adopt the work of the coexistence group.
However, I would not be happy with the case where the groups were held
up waiting for completion of the coexistence standard.

I would encourage the 802.11 TVWS and 802.22.3 to find agreement on
language that requires support of the 802.19 methods, if they are
completed in a timely manner.

James Gilb
802 Recording Secretary

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