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[802SEC] Updated LMSC OM and LMSC P&P


Attached please find an updated LMSC Operations Manual and a new LMSC Working Group Policies and Procedure for posting.


For reference, I have taken the documents approved last week and done purely formatting changes to make them appropriate for posting.  The one non-editorial change was in the section of the OM on directed positions.  There was one broken link I missed that would have pointed to a section moved to the new WG P&P.  For now, I have deleted the pointer (it does not change any of the meanings).  We can add it back later if desired.

For reference I have created rev's 1 and 2 of documents EC 09-006 and 09-007 (the LMSC OM and LMSC WG P&P balloted).  Rev 1 includes the formatting and editorial changes I performed for reference in revisions mode.  Rev 2 is a clean (final) version of each document.

I still need to finish formatting clean-up of the LMSC P&P and forward that to AudCom for posting.  I plan to complete that later today.

The changes for the LMSC WG P&P were big and messy.  Hopefully we are now past the phase of massive changes and can now focus on smaller targeted changes to improve our operations.  For my own benefit, I plan to start work on a LMSC OM revision to fix minor editorial issues, and simplify the LMSC OM revision process (make it the same as the LMSC P&P except that it can be changed more than once a year).  During the March Plenary I will be accepting other EC members personal pet peeves (as long as the changes aren't too massive) for inclusion in a catch all rev to the LMSC OM that I am willing to run.  Please don't send your desired changes now as I'd prefer not to stock pile at this point.  At the end of the March Plenary I plan to initiate another LMSC OM revision for the catch all changes.

Regards to all,


Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.
Engineering Fellow
BAE Systems - Electronics, Intelligence, & Support (EI&S)
Office: +1 973.633.6344
Cell: +1 973.229.9520

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