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[802SEC] Forwarding of P802.1Qat to Sponsor ballot

Colleauges -


WG recirculation balloting on P802.1Qat is now complete. The recirc closed
on 21st December, with one outstanding Disapprove (Glenn Parsons); this was
a Disapprove from the previous ballot, and Glenn has not responded to this
recirc despite prompting by email. His comments on the previous draft were
however addressed to his verbal satisfaction in the editing meeting in
November. A small number of editorial comments were received; these will,
with the agreement of the commenters, be detailed in the SB cover letter and
submitted as SB comments. The draft being submitted for Sponsor ballot
(D5.0) differs from the draft recirculated (D4.2) only insofar as the values
of registered numbers (an Ethertype, a MIB OID arc, a MOCA Vendor ID) have
been inserted, as is the normal practice at Sponsor ballot.


The final recirc ballot tally was Y:18 (95%) N:1 (5%) A:39 (67%).


As there are no new "Disapprove" votes or comments, this project meets the
conditional approval requirements; I have therefore forwarded the project
for Sponsor ballot. 





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