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Re: [802SEC] ITU Conformity Database


What I feel will happen is that those companies that don't submit data will be at a disadvantage in the market place. During the US prep for upcoming ITU meetings the fact that it is "voluntary" is seen in itself as okay but the concept is opposed. There is a realization that non-submittal of data may not be in a vendor's best interests. For background the TSB Director (Malcolm Johnson - UK) has long been a proponent of a strong ITU-T and its functioning as a SDO. The Secretary General's home region (Africa) has been a major proponent for the ITU mark concept.

This is a program that the ITU Council told the TSB Director and Secretary General not to pursue. They are choosing to ignore the Council. 

I think that we need to make certain that IEEE 802 participants make certain that their sponsors are aware of this and that they develop a view either for or against the database. If there is enough interest at the March meeting then yes, we can submit our views.



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Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 10:53
Subject: RE: ITU Conformity Database


It appears to me that the ITU is "allowing" companies to post to their database a declaration of conformance.
There is no indication that testing for conformance is required by the ITU and that any posting is a voluntary action.

Are you reading something more sinister into this database action that requires a response from IEEE 802?


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Subject: ITU Conformity Database

Dear RR-TAG and EC,

Attached is the url to the ITU conformity database which went on line last Friday. This is the evolution of the earlier "ITU Mark" proposal. It may be a good idea to review this concept with your sponsors. During the March meeting we can discuss if the RR-TAG should draft comments.

The concept of a conformity database seems to be expanding. Last Thursday at the ETSI 5th network security workshop an initiative to create an EU "mark" and pursuit of a similar course of action as the ITU is taking was discussed.

It is beginning to appear that this topic is not going to disappear. A constructive and effective response may be appropriate.



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