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[802SEC] confidentiality notices


Some of your WG participants are still not following the policy regarding confidentiality notices on emails sent to 802 reflectors.  Please issue a note to your group to emphasize the policy below.



Here is the IEEE 802 policy on use of the reflectors:

802 Policy regarding restrictive notices: 
IEEE 802 operates in an open manner. To that end, no material submitted to IEEE 802, or any of its sub-groups, will be accepted or considered if that material contains any statement that places any burden on the recipient(s) with respect to confidentiality or copyright. This policy specifically includes e-mail.

Any material that has such a "Confidentiality Disclaimer" on it is not acceptable. The purpose of such a disclaimer is to transfer some level of responsibility to the recipient for deciding whether or not it is appropriate to disclose, use, disseminate, copy, post or otherwise distribute, the material.

IEEE 802 accepts no such responsibility. The most effective way for 802 to decline any such responsibility is to not accept material with such a disclaimer.

Correspondence with 802 groups will not be confidential. It is very likely that any such correspondence (in addition to being discussed in open meetings) will be posted in the open portion of our web-site and thus will be disclosed, disseminated and distributed. Anyone who wishes to correspond with an 802 group must understand and accept this as a condition of sending us any documentation. Inclusion of any restrictive notice is contrary to, and negates, any indication of acceptance of the IEEE 802 policy of openness.

Copyrighted works may be accepted as submissions for inclusions in drafts only with an appropriate release. Copyrighted works may be referenced in drafts and presentations if they are available on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

Please review your email formatting and make sure that it does not contain any disclaimers.  If your IT department mandates them you will have to either use another email service or not send emails to the reflectors.

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