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[802SEC] EC Member Election and Confirmation Process

Dear EC members,

Per the LMSC P&P all members of the executive committee are elected and confirmed at the first Plenary session of each even numbered year. That session is the upcoming March 2010 Plenary session. I will stand for re-election as Chair of 802.

If I am re-elected I plan to make some changes to the appointed positions as follows: first Vice Chair-Pat Thaler, second Vice-Chair-Matthew Sherman, Recording Secretary-James Gilb, Treasurer-John Hawkins, Executive Secretary-John Rosdahl, Meeting Planner Member Emeritus- Buzz Rigsbee, 802 Advisor Member Emeritus-Geoff Thompson and. All have agreed accept the appointments and wish to be confirmed.

If you, or others in you WGs, wish to be considered for the 802 Chair or appointed positions, please notify me and the Recording Secretary.

The responsibilities of the appointed positions are described in the attached document. It also describes the EC confirmation process for the WG&TAG Chairs and Vice-Chairs.

Position summary:


     802 Sponsor Chair/EC Chair
    elected by EC

1st Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice-Chair, Executive Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer
    appointed by Chair, confirmed by EC

WG Chairs and Vice-Chairs for 802.1, 802.3, 802.11, 802.15, 802.16, 802.17, 802.19, 802.20, 802.21, 802.22
    elected by WG, confirmed by EC

     TAG chair for 802.18
    elected by TAG, confirmed by EC

     802 Advisor,  Member Emeritus

     Meeting Manager, Member Emeritus
    appointed by Chair, non-voting

     Total positions
    2 position is non-voting

Please circulate this email to your Group members so they have ample time to consider it before the March session.


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Attachment: March 2010 EC reaffirmation process.pdf
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