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Re: [802SEC] Newcomer orientation time slot for future plenaries.


Perhaps we could have a WG vice chair give the newcomer orientation and
hold it during the 802 EC opening meeting?

James Gilb

Pat Thaler wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> I've been asked about whether the newcomer orientation time slot
> should change with the change in the opening plenary. We have been
> holding it at 10 AM on Mondays. I plan to stay with that time for the
> March meeting in two weeks.
> With the removal of the IEEE 802 opening plenary, more Working Groups
> are holding meetings Monday morning in parallel with the EC meeting
> and the current newcomer orientation time.
> However, there isn't any other good time to do it. Other alternatives
> are:
> * Monday evening competing with a tutorial slot (or take a tutorial
> slot but we've already squeezed that by getting rid of Tuesday night
> tutorials) * Tuesday evening but we got rid of tutorials then because
> some groups wanted to use it for meeting time.
> There is an alternative to holding the training during the busy
> plenary week. There is no reason that the material has to be
> presented face to face. It is a straight presentation of a slide deck
> with Q & A after. Maybe we should save the plenary week time for
> group meetings that benefit from interaction. We could set up a
> teleconference or web presentation for New Comer orientation for the
> week before the plenary session. A time Wednesday or Thursday would
> allow for varying travel schedules for those coming to IEEE 802 from
> outside NA.
> That would also allow me to lead the session instead of having to
> pick on various WG officers because of conflict with the EC meeting.
> The downside is that it is impossible to pick a time that is
> convenient for Europe, the Americas and Asia but possibly the session
> could be recorded so that those wanting to view at different times
> could do so.
> What do you think?
> Regards, Pat
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