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[802SEC] Governance (P&P) Review on Sunday evening 6-8 PM in Govenors


As a reminder, there will be a Governance (formerly P&P) review meeting on this Sunday evening from 6-8 PM in the Governors conference room.  As a reminder, our governance documents now consist of:

The IEEE 802 P&P
The IEEE 802 OM
The IEEE 802 WG P&P

There are no pressing issues to resolve.  A couple of editorial issues did crop up when we were reviewing the format of our "Letters of Endorsement".  Since it is "that time again"  I would like to review the format and requirement for letters of endorsement and affiliation, and review any changes that are required in the rules relating to these issues.  I'd also like to review the process to change our various governance documents to see if any clarifications are necessary.  I've also heard concern express about how to amend minutes that are already approved.  So my draft agenda is currently:

                Review rules issues relating to letters of  endorsement / affiliation
                Review rules for changing rules
                Review rules for amending approved documents
                Other topics

If anyone would like to suggest a topic, please do.  As always, all are invited (non-EC members as well).

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon in Sunny Florida.

Regards to all,


Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.
Vice Chair, IEEE 802
BAE Systems -  Electronics, Intelligence & Support (EI&S)
Office: +1 973.633.6344
Cell: +1 973.229.9520

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