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[802SEC] 802.23 PAR approved by SASB, Interim mtg venue information


I was notified by Paul Nikolich, IEEE 802 Chair that the IEEE-SA Standards Board officially approved the 802 Emergency Services PAR on this morning's consent agenda at the Standards Board meeting.

As a result:
- The IEEE 802 Emergency Services Executive Committee Study Group is formally dissolved
    - The Working Group 802.23 is officially formed
    - The name is the 802.23 Emergency Services Working Group
    - Geoff Thompson is interim chair of the 802.23 Working Group
    - Geoff Thompson is no longer "Member Emeritus" of the 802 EC
(They didn't want me to have 2 positions at once, but now I have a vote) - There will be a vote or 802.23 taking place during the July Plenary in San Diego to elect a Chair of 802.23. - We will start taking attendance and establish a voting membership (per 802 rules)
    - I am announcing my intention to run for the chairmanship of 802.23
- Anybody else who wishes to run for Chair of 802.23 should contact myself or Paul Nikolich before the start of the July plenary
        (earlier notice would be nice)
- For the time being, there are no other officers of the Working Group. That issue will be revisited at an appropriate later time.

In the next week or so you should see some of the bureaucratic changes associated with our change to Working Group status. This would consist of things like new or relabeled web pages and mailing lists. There should not be any loss of distribution list contents with any change.

Future meeting plans (May Interim)
The Working Group will meet in Geneva Switzerland (co-located with the interims of 802.1 and 802.3) at ITU-T. We will be meet starting Monday afternoon at 1:30 PM. We plan to continue all day Tuesday and Wednesday and wrap up by mid-day on Thursday.

There is no designated meeting hotel for the interim as the meetings themselves will be held at the ITU-T facilities. Also, there is no meeting fee, nor do I expect any refreshments to be provided. There is a cafeteria/canteen at the ITU where food that is at least adequate for breaks can be obtained quickly and at reasonable prices.

For more information on the venue in general, hotels in the area, etc. please see:
and scroll down to the information starting at *"Hotel Information"*.
Please pay particular attention to the section labeled "*Meeting Registration*"
as you will need an ITU issued photo ID to attend the meetings.

Information on hotels in the area is available at:

Further general information is available at:

Congratulations to all for our success so far. Now it is time to write a standard.

Best regards,


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