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Re: [802SEC] straw poll on interim EC telecon meetings


Yes motions can be made and passed/failed during the meeting. At least that is my intent---for the EC to be able to take formal actions just like we do during a plenary session.

Regarding motions that require the entire 802 group to be in session, e.g., PAR approvals--we won't be able to make decisions on those, except for the PARs of the 'maintenance' types.

We'll have to figure out how to map our current policy and procedures to these non-traditional EC meetings--we should expect that will be an ongoing activity....



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Subject: RE: [802SEC] straw poll on interim EC telecon meetings


Would we permitted to pass motions at these meetings? It was my understanding that previously we could only pass motions at Plenary sessions and electronically. Maybe the 30-day notice make it possible to pass motions on the conference calls. I just wanted to make sure we can pass motions. Also are there any limits on what motions we can pass? For example, I think there is a procedure for approving PARs that is all wrapped up in the Plenary schedule, so I would like to know if we can approve PARs on these conference calls.

Assuming we can pass motions I think it is a good idea. It has at least two benefits.

1. It allows approval of motions from the WGs more often which will eliminate the 4 month wait between Plenary sessions. 2. It might make the EC meetings at Plenary sessions a little less overbooked, since some motions can be passed on these conference calls.

So I am in favor. I would like to understand what motions we are permitted to pass at these calls.


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Subject: [802SEC] straw poll on interim EC telecon meetings

Dear EC members,

I'd like to get your feedback on holding an EC meeting via teleconference between plenary sessions (for example in the 1st week of June, October and February). My though is we'd hold a 2 hour telecon to make decisions on time-critical items such as PAR approvals, Sponsor Ballot initiation approvals, RevCom submissions, etc.

I'd make sure we'd have an agenda posted 30 days in advance an all the materials necessary to make such decisions available for review at least one week before the telecon.

Thoughts? Please provide your feedback by 23APR. I'll summarize the feedback and if the response is positive, I'd like us to consider holding the first such meeting 1pm-3pm ET Friday 04JUN2010.



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