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Re: [802SEC] straw poll on interim EC telecon meetings


I have some concerns about the idea. I think an interim EC telecon meeting might make sense to give time to discuss the topics that are so difficult to get to during a plenary (e.g. the sort of things that get broken out to small meetings during the plenary week) but not for the items that you suggested. 

One is time, attendance and the ability for international participation - we have had difficulty finding a time slot that gets good attendance for an EC teleconference. I'm concerned that we would making decisions with a much smaller body than our usual nearly complete attendance at plenaries. I think currently that all EC members are from the NA and Europe which makes finding a workable time a bit easier but some WG vice-chairs and other observers that wish to participate may be domiciled in Asia. And of course we need to allow for in the future possibly having someone living in that area as an EC member. Once one has NA, Europe and Asia to consider, the time slot will be in the middle of the night for someone. 

The second is the ability for WGs to have input. 

I'm strongly against moving PAR approval to a teleconference for this reason. We have a procedure for PARs to ensure that WGs get a chance to resolve concerns about another groups PAR. Until we have an agreed procedure for getting similar interaction on PARs between meetings, I don't think we can move that approval out of the plenary session. I also don't see a strong need to move it. Approval of a PAR isn't time critical - yes it causes hand-wringing when a PAR approval gets delayed due to issues at one plenary but work can still continue in the study group. The only time I feel that 2 months might make a difference for PAR consideration is for a corrigenda (since these correct a bug in a standard which may be small but serious). But that doesn't happen so often as to warrant creating a meeting for it. Worst case, it would be permissible to start a WG ballot on a corrigenda before PAR approval. Or we could consider allowing EC email ballots to approve submission of a corrig!
 enda PAR.

The third reason is that we can deal with some of these topics by reflector discussion and ballot. This mechanism is open and doesn't have the global time coordination issues that are posed by meeting. We generally get nearly full participation in these ballots. We fairly regularly deal with approval to forward to sponsor ballot with an EC email ballot. In fact I'm hoping to do so for 802.1Qaz in May as it was not advanced enough to ask for conditional ballot in March. 

I don't think we have used email balloting for RevCom submittal approval (partly because the RevCom calendar usually works reasonably well with our meeting schedules and partly because submittal to RevCom is such a final act) but I'd be willing to consider doing it. I'd like to have some process in place if we are going to allow approval to forward to RevCom by email ballot - something that requires an adequate notice before the vote so that WG chairs can use their reflectors to ask their WGs for feedback.


The EC meetings during the plenary week often have very small attendance because we all have so many other obligations then. I think an interim EC might be able to deal with them and get better attendance than one on Tuesday through Thursday of a plenary week even if it doesn't get as much attendance as our opening and closing EC meetings. For those topics an interim EC meeting might make sense.


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Paul,    That seems like a good plan to me.  It would allow us to act on WG
motions coming out of their interim sessions.  

Thanx, Buzz
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Subject: [802SEC] straw poll on interim EC telecon meetings

Dear EC members,

I'd like to get your feedback on holding an EC meeting via teleconference
between plenary sessions (for example in the 1st week of June, October and
February).  My though is we'd hold a 2 hour telecon to make decisions on
time-critical items such as PAR approvals, Sponsor Ballot initiation
approvals, RevCom submissions, etc.   

I'd make sure we'd have an agenda posted 30 days in advance and all the
materials necessary to make such decisions available for review at least one
week before the telecon.

Thoughts?  Please provide your feedback by 23APR.  I'll summarize the
feedback and if the response is positive, I'd like us to consider holding
the first such meeting 1pm-3pm ET Friday 04JUN2010.



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