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Re: [802SEC] Proposed P802.16p PAR

Hi Roger,

The language in the PAR scope and purpose seems rather heavily based around buzz words that don't have clear meanings. 

Machine to Machine communication - all LAN communication is machine to machine in a reasonable sense of that term. (BTW, it isn't clear why Machine to Machine is capitalized in 5.2.) Even if you mean communication from machine to machine without a human directly initiating the transaction, much of internet traffic and data center traffic running on existing 802 networks fits that description. E.g. data transfers between servers, management monitoring, back-up. There should be a better term to describe communication with small automated devices for purposes such as observation and control.

Even if one accepts that "machine" means some sort of autonomous device such as cameras, sensors and controllers, the communication with them is probably person/computer to machine and vice versa rather than the machines chatting amongst themselves. It seems that the issues addressed are more the need to efficiently support lots of simple machines connecting to the network regardless of whether messages are going between machines or machine to computer.

Human-centric - I've looked around and don't see any consistent use of human-centric in a sense that works here. It seems to mostly be used with regard to technology to refer to making technology easy to use for humans. You seem to be using it more in the sense of human initiated or human controlled. And again, much of network traffic is already machine initiated. 

On a more minor note, you don't need an explanatory note to say you are skipping o. It has been IEEE practice to skip i and o since shortly after the time when we started IEEE 802.3i because of the tendency for confusion with 1 and 0.


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Subject: [802SEC] Proposed P802.16p PAR

Dear EC Colleagues,

The 802.16 Working Group is submitting a draft PAR and Five Criteria for consideration at the July IEEE 802 Plenary.

The documentation, for an amendment project on "Enhancements to provide functionalities specific to Machine to Machine Communication", is available here:

This was agreed by the Working Group at its Session #67 in May.


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