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[802SEC] proposed ASN.1 Seminar on Nov 7 in Dallas


Bancroft Scott is willing to arrange a repeat of his ASN.1 seminar on Nov 7 at the Dallas Plenary, contingent on confirming the attendance of a sufficient number of participants.

See the description below. Feel free to invite your WG participants to express their interest to Bancroft <>.


> OSS Nokalva is offering to provide a free seminar on ASN.1 to all interested IEEE 802 meeting attendees in conjunction with the 802 Plenary in Dallas. The seminar would be scheduled for Sunday 7 November, 9:00am-7:00pm. It is contingent on confirming the attendance of a sufficient number of participants.
> This 1-day seminar will focus on ASN.1 and PER.  It will include hands-on ASN.1 and PER encoding exercises which will greatly help in making the seminar material concrete.
> The material to be covered will include the following:
>    Overview
>    Modules
>    Type Notation
>    Subtype Constraints
>    Value Notation
>    Packed Encoding Rules, Unaligned
>    Extensibility
>    Backward compatible changes
> The ASN-1Step tool will be used for the seminar exercises.  This tool will allow the seminar attendees to easily create ASN.1 types, check the syntax for correctness, use a graphical message editor to create and view message instances, and examine at the bit level how messages are constructed in PER. The attendees will leave the seminar knowing how to define messages in ASN.1, and will understand the effect of the various syntax choices on the size of PER-encoded messages.  They will also leave with clear knowledge of how to safely change or extend ASN.1 types, and what changes to never make because they result in backward compatibility problems.
> Please reply directly to me if you are interested in attending this seminar.
> Bancroft Scott

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