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[802SEC] 802.11 S1G PAR coment response and Revised PAR and 5C


802.11 provided one  new PAR for consideration in July known by the term S1G. (sub 1 GHz).


1. As of 5pm on Tuesday, comments on the S1G PAR had been received from:

James Gilb, 802.15 (Bob Heile), Roberto Aiello, 802.15.4g (Phil Beecher) and 802.22 (Apurva Mody)


The collection of S1G PAR comments received is in the following document:



2. The S1G study group developed comment responses which were subsequently approved by the 802.11 WG on Wednesday.


The collection of S1G PAR comment responses will be found in the following document:



3. The S1G study group also incorporated the change suggestions into a revised PAR and 5C documents that were each subsequently approved by the 802.11 WG on Wednesday.


The Revised PAR and 5C can be found at:



4. Shortly after noon today (Wednesday) I also received a comment from 802.19 (Steve Shellhammer) that paralleled others comments that we have dealt with in the responses and in the associated PAR revision.



Let me know if you have any further comments on the S1G PAR that 802.11 needs to address prior to discussion in Friday afternoon's EC plenary.




Sent by Jon Rosdahl

802.11 WG 1st Vice Chair

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