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[802SEC] Rulling on the meaning of "Substantially Complete"


In the LMSC OM Clause 14 the rules read:

14. Procedure for Conditional Approval to Forward a Draft Standard

This procedure is to be used when approval to forward a draft standard to sponsor ballot or to RevCom is conditional on successful completion of a WG or sponsor recirculation ballot, respectively.  Seeking conditional approval is only appropriate when ballot resolution efforts have been substantially completed and the approval ratio is sufficient.

Based on the confusion and debate at the EC meeting today on this matter, I request that you do a formal interpretation of this rule in regards with whether the term "substantially complete" would allow for multiple (more than 1) recirculations to be held and still be compliant with the Conditional Approval procedure.  You opinion should be captured in the Chairs guide for future reference, and clarification would be included in the OM at the first opportunity.



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