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Re: [802SEC] +++email ballot to disband 802.2+++closes 15AUG2010+++

The only remaining .2 participant that I am aware of is Hal Keen who is an
802.1 member.


On 19 Jul 2010 18:45, "Pat Thaler" <> wrote:

I believe that some do, though they may be primarily using the SNAP
encapsulation where IEEE 802 could also be used as the reference.

In any case, the question of whether the 802.2 standard should continue to
exist is independent of the question of disbanding 802.2. We have not had
any contact with the hibernating group's chair for ages and it has been
inactive so long that it is unlikely that there is any viable contact list
for a core of experts. The last affirmation was not conducted by the 802.2
WG. If we need to continue affirming it, it will need to be assigned to a
viable group (e.g. 802.1 or one of the MAC groups that relies on it or the
EC) and the intent is to stabilize it when that option becomes available.
There is also an ISO version which could be stabilized and referenced as an


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Can someone remind me ...

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