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[802SEC] Liaison from ITU-T Focus Group on Smart Grid

Dear EC,

In May, 2010 the ITU-T formed a Focus Group on Smart Grid. At the end of the first meeting of the FG a liaison to external organizations was sent and is attached here. In the case of IEEE the liaison was sent only to P2030. In the liaison the FG is asking for:

-          Smart grid application use cases and analysis of their requirements with respect to communications and network technologies in support of these applications, and

-          Network architectures and network management and control issues for wide area networks, access networks, neighborhood network, and home area networks in support of smart grid.

The FG requested responses by 16 July for consideration at their current meeting (2 - 5 August). To date there has been no response from IEEE.

What I am proposing is that IEEE 802 consider developing a response to the FG in time for their planned meeting in October. This could be created during the September interim. I also hope that those in IEEE 802 involved with P2030 will help motivate that group to respond to the FG.

The exact dates for the October meeting of the FG will be known later this week.

Glad to discuss.

Regards from the FG meeting,


+41.79.441.2908 through 6 August

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