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[802SEC] P802.22.1 Clause 14 Report for Conditional Approval to Forward the Draft to the IEEE SA-RevCom

Dear Members of the EC,

Please find attached the Clause 14 Report for the Conditional Approval to forward the P802.22.1 Draft Standard to the IEEE SA-RevCom.

A motion was passed during the July 2010 EC meeting, granting conditional approval to forward the P802.22.1 Draft to IEEE SA-RevCom once all the conditions as specified in the IEEE 802 Operations Manual, Clause #14 were satisfied. (

We would like to inform you that all the conditions as specified in Clasue #14 of the IEEE 802 Operations Manual have been satisfied as can be seen in the attached report.

a)      The re-ciculation ballot has been completed
b)      The response ratio is 81%, the Appoval Ratio is 96% (> 75%) and there are no new valid dis-approve votes.
c)      No technical changes have been made as a result of the comment resolutions
d)      There are no new valid dis-approve comments.
e)      There are no new in-valid dis-approve votes or comments
f)      The report of the vote tally, the comment resolutions (, the remaining dis-approves, WG responses and rationales can be found in this spreadsheet and the attached report.

Hence, all the conditions as specified in Clause #14 have been satisfied and we would like to forward the P802.22.1 Draft to the IEEE SA-RevCom.

Many thanks for all your help and support.

Cc: Gerald Chouinard , P802.22. Vice Chair and Greg Buchwald, P802.22.1 Chair.

Apurva N. Mody, Ph. D.

Chair, IEEE 802.22 Standard Working Group
BAE Systems
Technology Solutions
130 Daniel Webster Highway, Mail Stop 2350
Merrimack, NH 03054
Work: (603)885 2621, Mobile: (603)-809-0459

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