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[802SEC] Sponsor ballot authorization for P802.1Qaz

Hi Paul -

We have a pretty clean result for the latest P802.1Qaz recirculation and I
would like to run an EC email ballot on a motion to allow it to be forwarded
to Sponsor ballot. Pat will second. The recirc results are:

We had no new disapprove votes and no changes to the document from the

Approve:             27

Disapprove:        1

Approve %:        96%

Abstain:               32

Responding:       60

Voters:                 96

Response %:      62%

The disapprove voter is Anoop Ghanwani who has indicated that he is
satisfied with the resolution of all but one of his comments.  The comment
on which he is maintaining his disapprove vote is:

*Cl **38        **SC **38.5.4                **P **64         **L
             # *99

*Comment Type **TR*

This clause needs to have an associated PFC Defense mechanism. The need for
this is

covered in: az-ghanwani-pfc-defense-0909-v02.pdf.


Add a defense mechanism for PFC. The mechanism would be similar to that
specified for


REJECT. Group consensus has been that this is not a solution that DCB wishes
to persue.

This has not changed from pervious ballots.

The file mentioned in the comment is available at:

The motion would be:

"EC approves forwarding of P802.1Qaz to Sponsor ballot.


Second: Thaler"


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