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[802SEC] FW: [802.19] BREAKING NEWS: FCC TVWS rule changes

Dear RR-TAG and EC,

News from the FCC open meeting regarding TVWS, courtesy of 802.19.

It is not surprising that the actual TVWS document is not available today. While I certainly hope that it becomes available quickly some delay is possible in something this complex/controversial. E.g. when the 2.5 GHz band was restructured it was several months from the time of the decision to actually receiving the document.



From: Joe Kwak [mailto:joekwak@SBCGLOBAL.NET]
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 11:02
Subject: [802.19] BREAKING NEWS: FCC TVWS rule changes

Hi all,

Here is a summary of the FCC announcement on TVWS which happened this AM in the
FCC's open commission meeting.  It was streamed to the Internet for the benefit of the
press and the public. The modified R&O text won't be out for a few more days (?).  The
below list is from my notes while listening to the verbal comments from the FCC
commissioners during the meeting.

TVWS R&O Changes:
1.  Sensing is NOT required of TVBDs which have access to the FCC TVWS dbase.
2.  Sensing only terminal is reserved as a future option and FCC encourages
        continued DOD research and commercialization of sensing technologies.
3.  Two  TV channels will be reserved nationwide (not clear if it will be same 2 channels in
        all markets) for protected wireless microphones.
4.  Incumbents needing more than 2 TV channels in any market for special events and
        sports venues will be able to register for and reserve additional TV channels for
        wireless microphone use for these special events.  These additional reservations
        will be included in and protected by the FCC TVWS dbase.
5.  The Canada and Mexico border exclusion zone (upto 60Km wide) is being scrapped.
        Instead of blacking out TVWS use at borders, the FCC dbase will include and list
        protected Canadian and Mexican stations near US borders. These foreign incumbent
        stations will be protected by the same FCC dbase mechanisms protecting US incumbents.
6.  New initiative coming soon to provide licensed use of TV band for RURAL broadband backhaul.
        (Not clear if this will follow the Canada low-cost licensed model, the auction model, or something else.)
7.  Knapp noted that he expects and hopes that the FCC can conclude on and award the TVWS Dbase manager
        contracts in the "next few months."  Undoubtedly, the decision to list Canadian and
        Mexican incumbents will have some impact here.

This is a very positive development for all the TVWS projects currently underway.

Joe Kwak

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