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[802SEC] Reminder: agenda items for Oct 5 telecon

Dear EC members,

EC members, we will be holding a 2 hour telephonic EC meeting 1-3PM ET Tuesday 05OCT2010. (Roger, thanks for the reminder--I should have sent a reminder notice out last week.)

I will add Roger's item to the draft agenda we agreed on in July. If there are any other additions please get them to me before the end of the day today.

At this point in time, the draft agenda is as follows:

1) 802 Overview and Architecture: Revision status update; James Gilb
2) IEEE-SA items
- Single channel sales update; Paul Nikolich, Buzz Rigsbee
- Report summarizing the SEP10 JTC1/SC6 meeting; Bruce Kraemer
3) Press release, liaisons, MOU, etc. items
- ITU communication; Roger Marks



p.s. To refresh everyone's memory regarding the scope and purpose of the telephonic EC meeting I 've attached the text which describes what we agreed on at the July closing EC meeting .

802 EC Interim Meeting Proposal; Schedule: 1st Tues of Feb, June, and Oct; Duration: 2 hours

- A - Items EC typically doesn't have time to discuss
       Cross WG collaboration/competition
       Stds. Dev Efficiency
- B - make decisions (Optionally) (same list as current EC E-Mail Ballot
       Press release, Liaisons, MOU etc.
       Approval for RevCom -
       Approval for Sponsor Ballot -
       Meeting venue selection approval

Out of Scope:
- PAR Approval

Telecon P&P
- Issue agenda 10-day prior - Announce on 802 and WG reflectors.
- Open - provide up to 50 ports
- Call limited in time and scope to announced agenda

----- Original Message ----- From: "Roger B. Marks" <>
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:55 PM
Subject: [802SEC] agenda for Oct 5 telecon


I'd like some guidance for the 802 EC Interim Meeting scheduled for 5 Oct 2010.

In particular, I have a proposed communication to ITU (developed in 802.16, and already cleared by 802.18) that I'd like approved by the EC. We could run an EC email ballot, but it's a bit of a nuisance. I think it would be more convenient if we could do the approval on the call.

As I understand the plan, the "deadline for agenda changes" is tomorrow.

Is it in order for me to request that approval of document IEEE L802.16-10/0097r1
be added to the agenda?

If so, then I make that request.


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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.