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[802SEC] ISO - summary of discussion topics for this morning call

Based upon Monday and Tuesday ISO meetings I suggest we discuss the following. No presentations are attached here but I'll organize them on a stick if someone wants them.

 1.  Although discussions were at a high level there was a fair amount of technical review of new project proposals. Surprisingly similar to a new PAR proposal going into the 802 EC.
 2.  The reaction to my attendance was positive and friendly but they considered me to be some combination of IEEE 802, IEEE-SA and US delegation representative.
 3.  The convener almost immediately asked if I had solved the copyright problem. The comment could have been directly phrased as "When will the IEEE accept that they have no copyright claims?"

 1.  Several papers proposing to begin new study periods  were presented by China . Most are oriented to revised security. One on a new wireless technology to replace 802.11. I expressed all of the concerns of the IEEE in representation of IEEE standards capabilities & issues and the desire to actively coordinate changes with the IEEE. There seemed to be agreement coordination was required - form of coordination TBD. There should have been an organized/prepared response from the IEEE during the meeting- late submission prevented this. Follow up presentation by the IEEE is advised.
 2.  It would not be surprising if several of the topics now skip the study group phase and are resubmitted to the June 2011 meeting as NPs.
 3.  Given the attendance & voting mix I am sure that China will continue to use the ISO forum as a venue to augment or replace IEEE standards as exemplified by the recent round of study project proposals.
 4.  China has been advised to approach their project requests as "stand alone" to get around copyright concerns and perhaps coordination with IEEE. The result will be the equivalent of an amendment  that makes references to the pieces of IEEE standards that it ties into.

 1.  The secretariat indicated that documents received after the submission deadlines were not candidates for resolutions this week. Need to confirm this was observed and review resolutions actually considered in the Friday plenary.

 1.  There was no discussion of the IEEE PSDO agreement or renewal. What is the status?

 1.  WG1 had the most attendees of the groups meeting there. Out of the  22 WG1 attendees , China, Korea, Japan had ~6 reps each. The IEEE/US was severely under-represented. The next meeting in the US (San Diego June 20-24 2011) should help solve this problem.

 1.  802.11 is the only 802 group submitting documents to JTC1. The IEEE 802.11 liaison documents and draft documents were part of the agenda. I explained the response to China's liaison and the overall document provision strategy. There were a couple of  procedural questions but no technical comments.


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